This calculator will calculate what you are making with your current brokerage and compare to what you can make with HomeGate Real Estate®

1- Enter the number of transactions you close annually with your current brokerage (or estimate)

2- Enter the average sales price of your closed transactions with your current brokerage (or median price)

3- Enter the average commission you make on your closed transactions with your current brokerage (2.5%, 3%, etc.)

4- If you are associated with a franchise, enter the franchise fee percent with your current brokerage (6%, etc.)

5- What is your commission side split with your current brokerage? (If you are on a 70/30 split, enter 70%)

6- Enter the TOTAL of ALL transaction fees per transaction with your current brokerage

7- Enter the TOTAL of ALL monthly fees you pay with your current brokerage

8- Enter the TOTAL of ALL other ANNUAL fees you pay with your current brokerage

9- Enter the TOTAL number of Agents and/or Brokers you plan to recruit and sponsor to HomeGate

10- If your prior year sales are greater than $3M, check the box.


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